Blog 6 – the dragon’s den experience 

Throughout the first semester, we have been through a ride already. Steps from firstly finding a problem which people are encountering to brainstorming a genuine solution all the way through prototyping and soon filing for a trademark for our product Tasca.

All that we have experienced through the initial three months of our program specifically in this module ‘Design Thinking for Start-up’ had been challenging yet rewarding.

Getting the first hand experiencing practically in the business world by integrating our theories with artists ‘students of MACE’ has been an eye-opening insight into the actual business world. Having the ability through the given platform of Young Enterprise has even further allowed us to experiment and test our capabilities.

Primary research has been found to be significant to find valuable information directly from the potential consumer of our product. Speaking to the right customer segment and the appropriate people within the industry has been extremely helpful.

All our working in financial costing and pricing, operation by prototyping, accurately defining our market segment and most importantly self-development all led us to a thrilling end to the first semester, the dragons den.

Having done three group meetings and practising the week before the dragon’s den, we have felt confident to showcase our product to our classmates and most importantly to the judges who are experienced in each of their respective industry had come across as our as our first group milestone.

Overall, I do believe we have done well getting a reasonably good overall score and meaningful feedback from our classmates from different groups. However, what we have valued as the most essential was the critical feedback the judges offered at the end.

That information was extremely meaningful as we have missed them out when we worked together as a group yet were reminded by the judges on how important these loopholes are and if we do not fill the void we may end up in unattractive situations.

All feedback has been taken on board and we at team Oddessy are working thoroughly to improve and achieve higher outcomes in the near future. We are now working seemingly towards our objectives and we are excited about the upcoming trade fair! 🙂


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Al Naaman

Hello there, my name is Al Naaman, commonly known as Al. I am an MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship student and here I will be posting my blogs. This is a new experience as I have never written blogs before, I hope you do enjoy. All forms of feedback are welcome :)

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