Engineering at home. The story​ of 71-year-old Cindy. – Blog 3

On the 9th of October, the IME (Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship) students had visited the Victoria and Albert museum in Kensington. We have been given the task of identifying current trends and come up with a single business idea. However, there was something else that caught my eye throughout the journey at the exhibition, where I have seen the story of 71-year-old Cindy that lost her arm.

Cindy’s story was very inspirational that led to write this blog about her without any hesitation. To me I consider her an example for the many individuals out there feeling left down due to their disabilities. I HOPE THIS WILL INSPIRE YOU!

Let me share with you Cindy’s story. After suffering from a vital heart attack, she had left unfortunate, Cindy had lost full control of her limbs, very devastating… Thus, making daily duties such as washing dishes, driving and preforming any sort of physical activities something of the impossible, doesn’t it?

Luckily, with her perseverance and determination it drove her to face her disability undoubtedly.  For the time she was waiting for a configured arms to be designed and produced Cindy had moved on forward swiftly by challenging the status quo of ‘engineers know best’.

She had done so by reframing current daily equipment so she could utilize them for her day to day use, the reformats where made by Cindy, to hold some products without the use of her hand. Products such as cutlery and playing cards had been ‘hack’ so Cindy could actually use them.

At a later stage, Sara Henderson and Caitrin lynch, design educators caught up with the story of Cindy which led them to document her experience to allow them to develop confidence in others that are going through a similar situation to step forward also to make individuals learn that they could engineer their own solution to their problems.

Remember that if you are facing a rough situation in your life, others somewhere else in the world would most probably face a some way same situation. Who would be the best to sort out these situations? In my opinion, those individuals that are suffering. These people REALLY understand the struggle and possibly know what should be done. But how will they design and produce if they are experts? There should be a mechanism that connects designers to end users, something similar from my first blog on empathy.

I do hope that this blog had made you at least slightly more confident to raise the boundary of your creativity and willingness to think BIG!


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Al Naaman

Hello there, my name is Al Naaman, commonly known as Al. I am an MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship student and here I will be posting my blogs. This is a new experience as I have never written blogs before, I hope you do enjoy. All forms of feedback are welcome :)

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